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EJ Tanu, Drip Module Founder

A thoughtful, passionate designer, EJ’s design aesthetic is informed by a robust and diverse career in architecture. With over 15 years working for large corporate architectural firms like Gensler – Studio 585, EJ has worked independently and in collaboration to develop prototypes for both interior and architecture-related projects. He is responsible for a multitude of successful branding design initiatives and is director of his own design firm,
EJ Tanu Design.

EJ’s design process relies heavily on rapid prototyping and, as a result, he has become proficient in the language of the technical design process. He is a hands-on designer who is involved in the fabrication and assembly of his designs, utilizing 3D printer and CNC tools, and techniques such as laser cutting, injection molding, vacuum forming and manual sculpting.

An avid scuba diver, EJ makes frequent stops to Hawaii to take in design of a more natural origin. He has travelled extensively throughout Asia, but with Lennon, his beloved poodle-mix rescue pup waiting patiently back home, he’s never gone for too long.

Learn more about EJ’s design process at Drip Module’s
drip about
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San Francisco-based architect and designer EJ Tanu founded dripmodule in 2011 to create modern goods that would appeal to people and their pets. Starting in the Bay Area at TechShop, he incorporated rapid prototyping methods and used materials primarily sourced from U.S. manufacturers.

After successfully running a limited production company, he felt it wasn’t enough and wanted to create new products at a new level: Products with even more quality and usability while offered at an offordable price. His goal was realized when he finds his home in Oklahoma City. EJ teamed up with local makers and manufacturers to bring a true meaning of “Made in Oklahoma.”

People say past experiences are invaluable assets and this proves to be true for EJ and his company. Efficiency in prototyping and testing has made it possible to create high quality modern products that look great in any household.
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member of SFMADE
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San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

Learn more about how Drip-series products are made at dripblog. Preview exciting new designs still in development and be the first to see what will launch next.
Who doesn’t love a story about overcoming the odds? This well-crafted, modern day tale began as a casual design challenge and evolved into an innovative modular design business led by two architects with enough energy to power a small prototyping plant.
Browsing the Palm Springs Museum of Modern Art for inspiration for her next commissioned art project, Ruth Freeman stumbled upon the vacuum-formed styrene stylings of Jim Isermann (look no further than UCSF Genentech Hall for his interior work).
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She liked what she saw. Within an hour, she had talked colleague EJ Tanu, a Gensler Studio 585 alum with Apple Store and Toyota successes, into joining her for onsite deliberation.
Could they blur the boundary between art and design using a technology they had, up until now, only contracted out? Could they adhere to their minimalist roots without forfeiting functionality?
Would they be able to produce a line affordable to design enthusiasts on a budget?
Never ones to shy from a challenge, EJ and Ruth were on a mission. The design process, highly disciplined after years as architects, came organically. As did the design itself, which is inspired by frozen water droplets. However, learning to master rapid prototype technology and working with unforgiving materials like Appleply and acrylic has been painstaking.
Unable to afford consultants or technicians, DripModule has become a DIY poster child. Spending most waking hours at TechShop San Francisco and the Drip Module design lab (formerly known as “EJ’s apartment”), they became self-taught in all areas of rapid prototyping and machine fabricating and have personally produced each Drip Series I prototype.
Fast forward six months: DripModule is enjoying the burgeoning demand for their designs and plans to adhere to their core philosophy of being a locally produced, domestically sourced small business. Their designs was picked up by large retailer and featured in the USA and Europe.

From a serving bowl entered in last year’s IIDA/HD Product Design Competition to 14 finished prototypes (from pet bowls to wall clocks), each Drip Series I design is thoughtfully sleek and iconic. Experience Drip Module at select retailers and Learn more about how Drip products are made and preview new designs in development at dripblog.