the New Eight installation (similar - new table set-up)

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The New Eight is shipped with flat packaging. All necessary hardwares are installed and adjusted by our factory.
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Step 1

While the product is on its clear packaging, turn the whole product upside down as shown on the photo.
Carefully, break the plastic wrapping. Leave the packaging on the bottom of product to prevent scratches to the acrylic finish.
It is normal (and intentional) to have the wire legs pop-up.
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Step 2

Rotate the Leg far side by it's hinge around 60 degrees, hold steady by one hand.
While on the rotation, use your other hand to push in the end of the leg to its connector. Release the pressure, The leg should snap-in perfectly.

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The leg position after it fit in the connector.
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Step 3

Do the other side with similar way.

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Turn over the product and place the stainless bowls on its opening.
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